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Thông tin ngành

The Usage of Cemented Carbide Rotary Burrs


What is a rotary burr?

Until the mid-1980s, most rotating rafts were based on manual production. With the continuous development of computer numerical control technology, automated machines have begun to spread all over the world, they can rely on any engraving grooved rotation, and cut through to meet specific requirements. At present, CNC machine tools are the best way to make rotary boring.

Rotary crucible application

Carbide rotary burrs have been widely used in machinery, automotive, marine, chemical, engraving and other industrial sectors. Below are the main applications of cemented carbide burrs:

 (1) Metal mold cavity finishing, such as shoe molds.

 (2) Various metal and non-metal carvings, craft sculpture gifts.

 (3) Remove casting, forging, flash welding, burr, welding and other mechanical foundries, shipyards, and automobile plants.

 (4) Various round chamfering and groove processing, cleaning pipes, mechanical parts for completing holes, such as machinery factories, repair shops, etc., surface mechanical parts

 (5) Impellers, such as automotive engine factory light repair parts.

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